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Compare Online Fax Services - Handy Fax Comparison Chart

Company Cost Fax Reviews Free Pages SetUp Support Offers
RingCentral Fax image $7.99/mo Most Phone Options
Full RingCentral Review
500 Pages. Extra pages 3.9¢ to 5.9¢ page Free 24/7 Free Trial
MetroFax MetroHiSpeed Image $7.95/mo Most Economical Fax Service
Full MetroFax Review
500 Combined Incoming + Outgoing. Extra pages Free 5-6:30 PST Free 30 Day Trial
Free eFax® Trial Image $16.95/mo Most Popular Fax Provider
Full eFax® Review
130 Incoming, 30 Outgoing, Extra pages 10¢ out, 15¢ in Free 24/7 Free Trial
Free MyFax Trial image $10.00/mo Most Highly Rated Fax Service
Full MyFax Review
200 Incoming, 100 Outgoing. Extra pages 10¢ page Free 24/7 1 Month Free
Free Trustfax Trial Image $9.95/mo Good Quality Fax Service
Full Trustfax Review
400 Received. 125 send pages per month. Extra pages 10¢ Free M-F 9-5 EST Free Trial
Faxage Image $3.49/mo Best Overall Pricing
Full Faxage Review
None, 5 cents per minute $5 9:30-4:30 MST Get Details

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What is Online Fax?

Online or Internet fax is a web based system so it lets you send and receive faxes via the Internet. This is very useful if you work at home or if your work requires a lot of traveling since all your faxes are just a click away, regardless of your location. All you really need is a PC or any mobile device connected to the web and an online fax service provider - no need for an extra fax phone line or any other additional equipment.

What Are The Most Useful Features Of Online Fax?

Online fax is completely mobile which opens up a lot of opportunities, especially in our ever increasingly mobile workforce. This new way of faxing connects you with your office and clients, you are constantly in touch with your business. And if your business depends heavily on faxing to make sales and communicate with customers, then one can easily see how useful online faxing can be to your company or business.

Perhaps, one of the most useful features of web faxing, you can utilise all your existing equipment. You don't need to purchase any papers, inks, toners or even a fax machine for that matter. Internet fax works with all your existing equipment and you don't even need to put in a dedicated phone line since everything is handled online. For a company or business just starting up, this is a very useful feature and will save you money on your start-up costs.

Keep in mind, with online fax you send your faxes as email attachments, so it is as easy as sending an email. If you or your company does a lot of faxing with different forms, spreadsheets, contracts and other large documents - then you will save a lot of time and trouble because there is no need to feed these documents through a fax machine. Just one click and you're done. This is possible because online fax combines your email system with your faxing. And we all know how fast and convenient using email can be to the successful running of your business.

How Do You Get An Online Fax Number or Account?

Once you sign-up to an online fax service account, all you have to do is log on to send or receive your faxes. Most companies let you use your fax systems such as OutLook Express, Hotmail, Gmail... or many have a desktop application/software you can download and fax from your desktop. And since it is email based, you can now send your faxes to an email address, which is a great feature that lets you communicate more easily with all your clients, suppliers and contacts.

Using this method of communication will present other ways or formats you can use to more effectively communicate your message. For example, online or Internet fax is very flexible and versatile because of the large variety of file formats which you can use, you are no longer restricted to just text documents, you can also send music files and even high-resolution images and photos. These unique features adds a whole new dimension to your faxing.

What Are The Unique Features of Internet Fax?

One of the major features of online fax is that you can send and receive multiple faxes at once. No more missed faxes because the fax phone line was busy or engaged with another transmission. All your faxes have a much better chance of reaching their destination if you use web faxing. Plus, you can use Fax Broadcasting to send the same fax to multiple recipients at once, this feature alone will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Remember, online faxing is more secure since it uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to send your faxes. This ensures your messages/faxes between the two parties are not revealed to anyone who would wish to do you harm.

There are some automatic features of online fax which further ensures your fax reaches its destination. Your have Auto Confirmation which lets you know if your fax has been successfully received. Most providers also have Auto Resend which will automatically resend your faxes for you. This is another very useful feature since with the old system, you would have to feed and manually redial the fax a number of time in order to get your fax through. And lastly, you have Auto Fax Alert which you can create to automatically alert you when you received a fax so that you can log into your online fax account and read your fax. How convenient is that?

How Can Internet Fax Make Your Company More Competitive?

Let's face it, these are very "trying" times for any business, big or small. Every company must place special emphasis on being competitive in today's dog-eat-dog business climate - you simply must operate your company more efficiently than your competitors. Every aspect of your business must be performing at the highest level, including all your business communications.

Besides the lower costs, the major reason most modern companies are switching or adding an Internet Fax Service is simply for competitive reasons. Using one of these "web based" and "computer based" fax services can make your company more competitive because these services operate around the clock and the lines are never busy. This means your clients and customers can reach you at all times, regardless of the hour or time of day. It also means your own employees can communicate with each other on a more efficient level. Basically, with an online fax service your business is open 24/7, 365 days of the year.

In addition, these services connect all your faxes/messages with your computers so the filing and retrieving of your faxes is a breeze. Incoming faxes can be sent to all departments so everyone is on the same page instantly. Plus, this new modern way of faxing is much more secure since your messages can be encrypted while they are being sent. Your messages will be private and only seen by the person or persons the fax is intended for. All of these features add up to a very efficient way to do all your company communications and it will make your company more competitive, especially against those companies not using email fax.

Why Use Online Fax?

As you can plainly see, online fax does have many unique and useful features which will make all your faxing not only very easy to do, but it will also make all your faxing much more efficient. All these features will save you money and time, and provide you with hassle-free faxing which the old fax machine can't possibly match. Digital faxing has come of age because it has many unique and useful features which are not present in conventional faxing methods.

Online fax is indeed a simpler and easier way to fax. Click here to get your own: online fax service.

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